2012: “Diaries” at Eugenidis Foundation, Athens (solo exhibition)

2011: Action Field Kodra for Human Trafficking (in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

2010: “Diaries II” – Photobiennale, Thessaloniki (group exhibition)

2009: Photostream, Athens (group exhibition)

2008: “Diaries I” – Photobiennale, Thessaloniki (solo exhibition)

2007: “Memories”, at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki

2004: group exhibition at The Appartment  Gallery , Athens. The gallery was voted as one of the best in Europe by Vanity Fair magazine, (The gallery issue)

2003: “The Flesh Made Text” organized by the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki (solo  exhibition)

2001: “ U.L.” at Kalfayan gallery Thessaloniki (solo exhibition)

2001: “U.L.” at The Hellenic Centre, London (solo exhibition)

1997: International Month of Photography, Athens

1996: Photosynkiria, Thessaloniki (solo exhibition)

1992: Photosynkiria, Thessaloniki (group exhibition)

1990: Bayerisches  Staatslehranstalt  fuer  Photographie in Muenchen

1987: International Month of Photography, Athens

1986: Biennale of Young Artists, Thessaloniki